About Educational Therapy

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We provide specialized therapy services for children and teenagers with learning disorders like dyslexia and dyscalculia based on findings in the field of neuropsychology and brain research. If you suspect that your child could have a learning disorder, please see your doctor or contact us for further consultation.

Symptoms of learning disorder

Every child has individual strengths and weaknesses and a bad mark in school does not mean that a child is suffering from a learning disorder. Symptoms associated with a specific learning disorder are:

  • Difficulty in combining sounds and syllables when reading
  • Difficulty memorizing and using orthographic rules
  • Sound-based spelling is kept for a long time
  • Difficulty paying attention to one task for a longer time
  • inconsistent spelling (spelling of the same word varies over time)
  • Developmental delay in motor skills and in visual and auditory abilities
  • Confusion between left and right and/or mirror writing
  • Difficulty playing finger games and learning movement sequences
  • Using fingers for counting
  • Difficulty crossing the tens barrier
  • Difficulties interpreting quantities and numbers
  • Difficulties understanding text problems and logical relationships

Difficulties may occur either in the field of writing/reading or in the field of arithmetics or in both fields.

Dislexia and discalculia have nothing to do with lacking in intelligence! The term »Specific learning disorder« (SLD) is used to define circumscribed disorders in certain areas that are not caused by intellectual disability. In fact, many normally intelligent students and even highly gifted individuals are effected by those specific disorders. However, school and learning problems can have numerous causes and careful assessment is necessary in each individual case.

Dyslexia and discalculia can only be diagnosed by specially trained physicians, psychologists or therapists. We therefore strongly encourage you to seek professional help if your child shows signs of a learning disorder.

Therapy for learning disorder

Educational therapy addresses the underlying learning skills that are essential for reading, writing and math. We work with each child on an individual basis, recognizing each child's needs and the stage he or she is currently in. This way, stress and excessive demand are avoided, allowing the child to build a positive attitude towards learning.

Our therapeutical approach combines findings from brain research, medical science and educational sciences. The methods are based on the functioning of the human brain, thereby allowing children to quickly develop more effective learning strategies. We know today, for example, that motor, perception and learning skills are closely interlinked and, therefore, choose learning exercises that involve the whole body and all senses.

Other important components of the therapy include the stimulation of attention and the ability to concentrate and bolstering the child's self-confidence.


Please contact us directly per phone, email or via contact form so that we can arrange a meeting. Educational therapy is a an individual health service and a medical prescription is not required to start a therapy.

Educational therapy is normally a self-payer service not covered by insurance companies. Our practice is officially recognized for aids by the Rhein-Neckar-District-Administration, Odenwald-District and Bergstraße-District. If you are eligible for benefits via integration support for emotionally handicapped children and youths according to §35 a Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB) VIII, we are happy to provide the therapy for your child. In this case, the treatment costs are settled with the youth welfare office responsible for you. Please contact us if you would like to apply for these aids. We are happy to accompany you throughout the application process.

Our prices for different therapy units (30, 45 or 60 minutes) are available on request.

Yes! In addition to therapeutic services we provide advise and assistance for all parties involved in the child's development and we are always available to answer any questions. We will organize round tables, if required. Parents will get advice and suggestions on how to best promote their child at home and we will help teachers to adapt schooling to the needs of the child. In addition, we advocate for a close cooperation of all funding institutions.

The standard session is 45 minutes. Other lenghts (30 minutes, 60 minutes) are also possible depending on the intervention approach and the child's individual needs.

This is individually different and depends on many factors, including the child's speed of learning and powers of concentration. We continously inform you about the therapy progress and you will regularly get sound recommendations from us on how long the therapy should be continued.